Words Rhyme, You And I Never Do

by The Digital Pickup Line

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    Originally Released Summer 2005.

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The Digital Pickup Line was born in the Spring of 2005 in my NYU dormroom. My roommate, Will, gave me a pirate copy of Fruity Loops and I started making beats and sound effects... extremely rudimentary little snippets that I joking referred to as my "band"s music. I was taking a sound design class, which led to the idea of playing acoustic guitar and singing along with the Fruity Loops sketches. Thus the idea was born. "Lonely Tonight" was a much older idea I'd made on casette years earlier, re-recorded using the Fruity Loops beats. It's hard to listen to this now, it's miles away from the music I would make now. But I think it's charming in its sense of discovery, experimenting with new methods of making music. Some of it is rubbish, but there are a couple of strong songs here I'm still proud of.



released May 5, 2005

Brett: instruments, vocals
Will Colby: artwork




The Digital Pickup Line New York, New York

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Track Name: (everything is fleeting)
Track Name: Elise
Track Name: Lonely Tonight
I don't want to be lonely tonight...
Track Name: The First Anniversary Of Our Nothing
Why haven't you seen me?
I'm all for you
My world would end if ever we were through
Why haven't you seen me?
Track Name: Acrobatics
Remember when
We used to drive
We'd go all night, we'd never stop
The parking lot
Across the street
It was you and me, it meant a lot

But it's not like things have got to change
It might get better if you stay
I don't know what else I can say to that
I thought that we were going to be
All those things you promised me
I can only bend if you don't break
I'm not an acrobat

You know I'd take
All the blame
For our mistakes, I'd take the worst
Just take my words
Take my calls
Break my fall, I'm unrehearsed