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by The Digital Pickup Line

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    Originally Released Spring 2009

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This album was written and recorded between the Fall of 2008 and Spring of 2009. It was the first batch of songs to be started after graduating from school. In between start and finish I went on dates with an Amelia, was in a relationship with a Lindsay, and recorded songs with a Chelsea. I think some of the songs on this album were made a little too quickly, but it's very scattered and diverse in a good way. I like the collaborations, working with Chelsea and Jeff and having Jeffre design the album cover. It has ups and downs, but it has a bunch of songs I'm real proud of.



released March 24, 2009

Brett: drum programming, vocals, guitars, synths, samples
Chelsea: vocals
J.D.: loops
Jeffre: artwork



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The Digital Pickup Line New York, New York

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Track Name: Moira (The Drowning)
As blood falls out your eyes
Ours lie closed to the world
Here's water into wine
Nothing we haven't seen before

She spoke, she spoke too soon
No one knows what to do
About her body there
Throw her down my, down my
down my wishing well

Throw thirty roses down
Round her arms flailing out
Sing our voices now
Sound out her drowning howl

If her screams should reach our
Mother's ears in the house
She too will trip and fall
Deep down in my, in my
in my ditching well

So's the water fills your lungs
Think you on what you've done
To this poor heart of mine
As you die in, die inside this wishing well
Track Name: Teacup
Sister, I'm a fool
For ever leaving you
Empty coffee cup results of what I've put you through
This is what it means to have the blues

If I was unkind
At any point in time
Don't dig into your heart and start removing what was mine
I would like a chance to make it right

What can I do?
(I'm so sad, I'm so sad without you...)
I will put you back together
Whatever's left of you
I'm coming back
My baby's sad, her teacup needs some glue

Words won't clarify
What I feel tonight
Everything we've built has wilted, but it hasn't died
Is there still a candle left to light?

We're broken porcelain
In a way, we've always been
Puzzle pieces looking for the place that we fit in
I believe in pictures in the end

What can I do?

(This is a place where I don't feel alone...)
(This is a place that I call my home...)
Track Name: Mall Life
When I'm sad I like to go to the mall
(I got my paycheck, I got my broken heart)
They got a lot of nice things at the mall
(They got a food court, they got a movie theater)
People are strange but we all look the same at the mall

Life is like a escalator down at the mall
(Stay to the right if you don't want to crawl)
It's easy to lose your self at the mall
(You want a gift receipt, you want some wrapping paper)
God is for sale and he checks his e-mail at the mall

Mall life
Gotta give it away, gotta lose the little bit you're given
Mall life
Gonna take my heart, gonna put it in a box like a birthday present
I'll give it to her so that she can be sure that I love her at all
Mall life
This is all we have, the only real way to connect the pieces
Mall life
Cash or credit, if it gets declined you know I have my reasons
It all makes me sigh as I'm wasting my life at the mall

I saw you talking to that boy at the mall
(He's got his hand in your ass jean pocket)
I hear he landed on his head when he fell
(It's along way down from the Cinabon)
Don't ever let me see you two together at all

The only lover I can turn to is the mall
(The soft touch of a five finger discount)
The only place that I can write is the mall
(The sweet sound of that muzak in my ear)
If you are gone then just leave me alone at the mall

Let me die in my mall...
Let me die in my mall...

Once upon a time
In the J.C. Penny line
There was a boy, there was a girl
And without a single fucking word,
He promised her the world
She knew then that he would
If only he could reach out to her now
So tell me if the rumor's true
That our merger's fallen through
Just let me take my banner's down
Let my lucky pennies drown
Let me die here in my mall...
Let me die here in my mall...
Track Name: Lindsay (The Acoustics)
Traces of the light hit your eyes
making tiny prisms into your mind
Pulling all apart each color
red and green, I'm blue and next to thee
Even though it's summer
I don't have the heart to take these Christmas lights down
If only 'cause they take my heart
and park it in a lot of things that
take away the sound
of echoed tears from ringing ears of mine

How could you go
and say something so
and make me miss you more
I need you to know
If ever you don't
Long for me, I'll long for you alone

You are my control
The part of the experiment I know that won't let go
Oh they break my heart
The parts without you never pick me up from out this low
Simon Says to lay your hands upon my heart
and start production on this mess
Underneath the stars
and under your construction I am smitten, oh I must confess
That dress is blessed to be around you
Track Name: I Can See The Stars/You Little Murder In My Heart
You are my kill switch
When I am broken, when I fall down
My bruises don't bleed when you're around
I can see the stars
Whenever we're naked, lying in bed
Whenever my ear is to your chest

I can hear the sound of your heart
And its beat beat beat is a pretty good start
My car's got gasoline
Our consciences are clean
Now's the perfect time,
While there's still movement to my eyes

This is all I ever wanted
From the very start...

I can see the stars when we fuck
When we're undercover, spies in the cold
When we kiss, when we're dancing this aimlessly
In our mistakes, in the way we screw up everything
I can see the stars

I can see the stars in your body
In the army of your character
In the helpless way I'm tied to your momentum
I can see, I can see the stars when I'm with you
And for now, there's nothing else I'd rather do

Imagine that we're actors
Playing out a scene
Pretend that I'm beside you
And you'll soon see what I mean
Leather, leather
It really suits you better
Our relationship is bondage
Don't I make a perfect hostage?

You little murder in my heart
You dirty, little murder in my heart...
Track Name: Tricia's Piano
There's room enough for both of us
Where do you want to go?
My mom won't worry if I'm gone
So where do you want to go?

It's a little bit funny
when you realize
how much love that you can make without it meaning anything
It's a little bit funny
but I can't make a smile
out of of all this

Siren sing to me tonight...
Siren sign to me tonight...
Track Name: Amelia (The Scientists)
The way that I remember your hair
is blowing out the window of our love
Moments like raindrops on the windowsill
of the house where both our parents still
whisper secret poems to each other in the dark
Escape seems near impossible now
We're in it this minute, the clocks are locked to the sound

Oh I don't pretend to know
where all the memories go
after we're wormfood
buried beneath our names
Kiss me indescribable ways
And I'll help you carry up your groceries

To the place where we live
as the neighbors all wave like children sitting near a parade
Next month's rent is on the table top
under the weight of dreams we never got
to because our lives collided, leaving nothing in the wake
Escape seems near impossible now
But pour us both drinks, we'll toast to the most that we can hope for

Oh I don't pretend to know
where all our happiness goes
after the government
sells all our organs to the scientists
I won't let them study your bones
If I go first, I'm gonna keep your parts together

A-ha, a-ha
This will all be funny when we're married
A-ha, a-ha ha

A lady should know she's not to ask
But a ship can't sail with a broken mast
This will all be funny on our wedding day
I never once thought it'd end like this
But a beggar can't turn from a string-less kiss
This will all be funny on our wedding day

The way that I remember your hair
is blowing out the window of our love...
Track Name: Holly Golightly
A little ditty 'bout me and Selina
You never know what you got 'til it leaves ya
Eighteen months with a girl with brown hair
There's nothing that I wouldn't have given to get back there
Until I had epiphanies, I had
symphonies of thoughts that flowed through me
All about the past and what's left of it
Everything in this life that I had given a shit
Returned like herpes
Like a death flash, everthing's in front of me
And it's suddenly clear what I am doing here
I can see with my own eyes, I don't need to see hers
New York City in the spring months
I'm gonna miss you, my love, you've been a lot of fun
So I'll just take a bow and go lightly
Here I fucking come, hometown, I hope you still like me

I guess I don't know what it means to be happy
Twenty-three years old, I think it can be
hard when your dreams are larger than your wallet is
But I'm anti-revisionist, non-apologist
I only did what any stupid kid would
Had to get away, had to wander out in the woods
Now I'm crawling back home like Odysseus
Hoping that Penelope still takes me serious
What's the point of working two jobs everyday
If all the money goes to Sallie Mae anyway?
Who are THEY to SAY what I owe them
I only owe 'em the back of my shoulder
Somebody's money didn't graduate, I did
I made it 'cause of my faults, not in spite of them
I'm not a bookseller, I'm not a secretary
I'm not a number, motherfucker, I am extraordinary
Track Name: Gravity
It seems to me
That gravity
Is just a force of love
Everything attracts each other
With an ever-constant tug
A pull to be together
To never be alone
A simple need
To find something
And claim it as your own

And I feel I’m always falling
When I look into your eyes
Like a satellite in orbit
Plunging deep through starry skies
Without you the circle breaks
And so you see, the stakes are high
So I’ll do my best to keep you
For to lose you
Is to die

And I…
Clearly see
What gravity
Can do to me
It brings me to my knees
I say yes and giggle no
But you know I’m thinking please
Oh the moon is full
I swoon, it pulls
Gently on the tide
And I’m drowned
Inside the sound
Of the tears of joy you cried
Like a waterfall in motion
Your devotion sweeps me in
Lost in reverie, an apple tree
Surrendering to sin
Without you it’s only night
So I’ll have to fight to win
I will do my best to keep you
So my life can now
Track Name: Mer
It was too late to save you from the waves
A splash in the shape of your heart
Off of the bow
Your fingers are blue, love... but your eyes are still green
Closer to death than I've ever them seen
You're a stranger now
Where did you go?

I'm the water inside of your lungs
I'm the bullet that's still in your gun
I am the death of your heart
I'm the vision that will never fade
I'm the treasure that you gave away
I am the death of your heart
I'm the reason the tide never rests
I'm the color that suits you the best
I am the death of your heart
I'm the shiver that sings you sleep
I'm the soul that you're praying to keep
I am the death of your heart...

Is there some chance my love is still alive?
Many a year has gone by since she died
I've oceans created from tears that I've cried
It's the same voice I hear each & every night
Its tone and its timbre I cannot deny
She a ghost to me now
Where did she go?

I'm the winter that kills all the green
I'm the spectre of the death that you've seen
I am the death of your heart
I'm the body beneath your debris
I'm the coral that's under your sea
I am the death of your heart
I'm the woman you tried to erase
I'm the prize that you're damned e'er to chase
I am the death of your heart
I'm the mermaid that sings in your dreams
I'm the needle when it's time to bleed
I am the death of your heart
Track Name: Satellite Radio
In a little blue room in the big gray city
There's a teenage girl with a satellite radio
Playing all of the songs that her boyfriend sent her from the war

In a fast taxi cab, there's some big decisions
There's a business man running late for his meeting
In his hands a cell phone chirps out the melody stuck in his brain

I'm listening to your mix-tape
I'm falling so in love
with your dyed blue hair and your vinyl selection
I'll take you on the train with me
So I'm not alone
you'll have room in my heart and my record collection

In the park there's cat and a bird debating
Whether kings and fools dine at the same table
As the high school boy walks straight into Genevieve neither is aware

In a big white church they get married, they're happy
But the songs they play at the wedding are forgeries
For very tear that you shed on the dance floor
angels get their wings
Track Name: Ex-Lingerie Model
When the days get long, the rain turns blue
It only happens in August, when I think of you
On the magazine covers on the TV screens
I wonder whatever happened to the girl of my dreams

You had to put yourself out
Look what it's done for you now
You had to reach for the stars
Not that it's helped you so far

In the black of the city there's a red machine
And it beats in my chest like a symphony
The way you cut it up, left it on the side of the road
Makes me lacking in pity for troubles you own

Some day soon you will finally see
What a plasticine product your face makes you be
You had it and lost it, what a tragedy
Don't think about singing your sad songs to me

Ex, ex-lingerie model...
Ex, ex-lingerie model...
Track Name: Melanie (The Ashes)
Buffet tables
Marching two by two
In front of you
All her favorite foods

Ashes in the ocean
Resting with the tide
I can't see my reflection
A trash can bobbles by

Well I know that when I go
I don't want to be so
Casually forgotten

Brown-eyed animosity
A girl I used to know
I told a joke, she slit my throat
We're not speaking anymore

But I keep checking all my messages
I keep waiting by the phone
She doesn't seem to need to, though
She's content to be alone

Well I know that when I go
I don't want to be so
Casually forgotten

With every urn
I learn that things aren't perfect
We just work at it
One lost loved one at a time

Well I know that when I go
I don't want to be so
Thrown away, discarded
Regretfully departed
Casually forgotten