by The Digital Pickup Line

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    Originally Released Fall 2007

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This album was made awhile ago and so I'm sketchy about some of the details. "Platonica" was recorded first, during the summer of 2006. The remainder was written/recorded through the course of my third year of college. I was still together with my college girlfriend and things were generally good. This is the record where I think I really found the "band's" sound. The sampling greatly improved, the beats became more original. I think the second-half of the record meanders a bit with the long instrumental passages, but sonically I think this record has some of my more interesting ideas. Sort of the first "real" Pickup Line album.



released October 23, 2007

Brett Warner: drum programming, vocals, guitars, samples, turntables, synthesizers



all rights reserved


The Digital Pickup Line New York, New York

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Track Name: Chandelier
From the light coming down from the chandelier
I can see your shadow stretching on the floor
It's enough to make a weaker heart disappear
When I'm dying in your arms, oh my god, I want more

Though I die, I want more...
Though I die, I want more...
Though I die, I want more

In our hearts there's a sickness we can never shake
It's a plague that's hidden deeper than our bones
I've got something and I want you to participate
When I'm lying in your arms, though I cry, I want more

Though I cry, I want more...
Though I cry, I want more...
Though I cry, I want more

And when you run, I'll be your suitcase
And when you sink, I'll be your weight
And when you fall, I'll be the concrete
And when you sing, I'll be the rain
And when you love, I'll be your hatred
And when you sigh, I'll be your pain
And when you bleed, I'll be your sickness
And when you die, I'll be your grave
Track Name: New Romantic
Love is a filthy trick hid up your sleeve
slight of hand, oh I know you can
do you think that I can't see?
everything you've been doing
crafting and perfecting my ruin
all in the name of love...

I don't want your kiss
your fingertips
I've had enough of this
I am the new romantic
I don't need your touch
your secret grudge
I've had enough of love
I am the new romantic

Paint your mask in colors oh so bright
blue and red, I want you dead
do you think that it would make me sad?
all the years that I've wasted
writing silly poems in your basement
all in the name of love...

I always thought that love would be
something to cure the hurt in me
why can't I ever stop and see
just how bad you have fucked with me
Track Name: Platonica
open all the windows in your house
and try to get some air
breath through your mouth,
so if I kiss you for too long you'll disappear
and then I'll finally sleep at night
without these reconsiderations
she's far away, but if you stay
I might just trip and miss the warning sign

with you here, it's nearly perfect
but it's not a comfortable
state I'm in, it's maddening
it feels much more than just platonic

a letter from my girlfriend came today
she says that Dublin's great and that she's
coming home before too long
I wonder how I'll wave goodbye and
then hello, while you're alone and
I can't help but try to call you even
though it's much too late for second dates
or smiles that say too much at once
Track Name: Sense Of Security
Put me in your head, into your bed
Bury me beneath your weight, oh keep me safe
Tell me when the river runs, when it's all done
Show me how to make your heart a fucking work of art

I feel so lost when I leave my room
All those people out there
If I wander too far from home
Tie my waste to your hand so I can crawl right back again

Stay inside my arms
Never let me lose control
Keep my borders safe from harm
You are my last sense of security

Put my finger where it hurts, where it burns
Use your hands and don't be shy, don't wonder why
Everything's under control, just play your role
Show me how to make your love a motherfucking flying dove
Track Name: Velveteen Rabbit & The Wednesday Rain
the velveteen rabbit and the sunday whore
lay they down on the bathroom floor
they've eaten their hearts out, there isn't any more
so don't be sad it's gone

solemn sisters share a secret kiss
between the stars, they don't dare miss
ever learning that there's little more than this
so don't be sad it's gone

counting lashes instead of sheep
falling from your eyes as you blink in your sleep
wasted wishes I dare not hope to keep
so don't be sad it's gone

firefly in a mason jar
burning through the night like a classic car
when it's refracted it's not who you really are
so don't be sad it's gone

a country wedding on the avenue
cars and cars go by, nothing you can do
cut the cake and smile, the bride's already blue
so don't be sad it's gone

a two-size heart in a half-size space
you store your love some other place
she falls for it, you fall from grace
so don't be sad it's gone

the velveteen rabbit and the wednesday rain
the hair she combs, the love she's made
she wants to be your color, she's sick of being grey
so just let her stay
Track Name: Second Movement
Somebody sitting next to me
Cries out a daydream symphony
"Oh lord, the sky is falling down on all I see!"
A second movement changes nothing but the key
Track Name: Untitled
In the ocean of my heart
Where the sun shines half as many days
There's a place I've saved for you
If you'd want to be with me beneath the waves

I am often without words
Full enough of what I really want to see
So I shrug and hold me tongue
Keep me close so I don't blush and turn to walk away

If someday you want to leave
If your love makes up its mind and wants a change
I will wait right here for you
Same thing that I've always done, I'll always do
Again and again...